Saturday, April 11, 2009

Links for games selling

Let's start with links for games about running a lemonade business. Lemonade tycoon is a game where people play a character who runs a little lemonade stand. They try to make income juggling prices, rent, and hawk lemonade to wandering people. Here's a little game SEO advice about links some of you might find helpful.

When I search for "selling games" in google, the top site is currently the official Lemonade Tycoon homepage. I'm assuming it has a lot of links for lemonade selling games. You can create similar links towards your pages instead of just the game name or company name. You should easily dominate those if you picked them well, other people will be making links for you using them as text anyways.

But - why stop there? You can even create inlinks for your games about the title of OTHER games. So, for example, someone searches for the game Luxor. Don't use that one, it's also the name of a popular Las Vegas hotel among other things. In the list of search results is a page about your game.

It'd work even better if you mentioned the original game a few times on it. Just keep your title tag differently and work in comparisons using text near the names of the other game. This is where search engine snippets will be taken from. You might not want to use a page associated with your company for these links if you developed the game you're selling.

It won't help much when comparing to a very popular game like Mystery Case Files or Zuma, but it could be useful with the more nichey ones or long tail keywords. Try not to pick the things that are on portals to build links about. There's too much competition from all the affiliate and portal gamesites hawking them. Lemonade tycoon is another bad example for gcomparison, but a good one to write about their links for game selling SEO tactics.