Saturday, February 28, 2009

February affiliate sales

I'll be giving away my sales statistics in blog posts here, and I'm not trying to sell you anything with them either. These updates are just a little glimmer of hope you can look on if you're trying to sell games as an affiliate without much luck.

Here's how I did selling games online as an affiliate during the month of February 2009. I haven't been doing this for long, and most importantly, I haven't put a lot of work into it either. I've spent maybe 10 or 20 hours maximum on this... other than the time to play through the games I wrote about of course.

Can you expect the same results if you're a beginner to selling games? No. I've got some experience with affiliate marketing and search engine optimizing, as well as friends who were able to help out with the initial pushes. However, I'll be happy to help you sell more in the future posts.

BMTMicro - Around $1,000 in sales
Plimus - $500ish
BigFishGames - $300ish

I've still got many more improvements to make to my game selling strategies, the next couple months will have much better sales. I've been concentrating on BMTMicro for now because of their simplicity. There's no need to be pre-approved for any games if you look for things to sell in their affiliate catalog.

RegNow apparently uses a similar system for selling affiliate games, but I'd rather not help DigitalRiver get any more money. Plimus does have a different assortment of games to sell, many great ones, and it's something I'd like to concentrate more on as an affiliate in the future. One thing I dislike about Plimus is that they call up some of the people who bought games to confirm their sales order.

One more thing to note - I DON'T have a portal site for selling games or anything else like that. None of that reflexive game center solutions default sites. No niche genre sites. These aren't even being sold alongside other games I may have worked on. I'm just throwing up little minisites with custom content and seeing how they last in the water. Some are much more effective at selling online games than others. I'll be revealing some of what worked, and some of what didn't work in future blog posts.

Unfortunately in one way, I did better than expected. It's time to have to go through signing up for an IRS ITIN number thing to keep some of the payments from being withheld by the US government. That accounting & form headache isn't something I'm looking forward to!


  1. You're doing great for your first month at this! Hope you can keep it up for a long time!

    Can we see some of the pages you're using to sell games? ;-)

  2. Saw this at Sitepoint! Congratulations! How can we sell games to be as successful as you?