Monday, March 30, 2009

Sell Xbox Games

Microsoft's Xbox Community Games, a service for the Xbox 360 that allowed game developers to sell XNA games on the Xbox 360 live system, has finally released some sales statistics to developers. How much money can you make selling xbox games if you aren't on the livearcade?

Most of the developers I've seen had disappointing stats, however there were a few that stood out worth mentioning. Microsoft also mentioned that several xbox community games sold over the US average salary total in the last four months, which is about $32,000. Not bad if it was for selling an xbox game you made in a short period of time.

Remote Masseuse, a "game" application which used the controller's rumble pack to let people massage themselves, had: 55,000 trial downloads. 3,500 purchases. 3.6% conversion rates for selling xbox games. Priced at 200 microsoft points.

Aaron's Ping Pong, a xbox game selling for 200 points had: 13,448 demo downloads. 877 games sold. Conversion rates of 6.5%.

Groov had 12,000 free downloads. 2,500 xbox games were sold. This had a whopping sales conversion rate of 20.8% which is well above average for almost any industry, especially selling games.

There are many more developer stats for selling xbox games available now if you look around. Developers don't have to provide sales statistics, but thanks to everyone who has. Is it worthwhile to try to sell an xbox community game? That's up to you. I'd say it's still a great option for something you didn't spend a lot of time making & can market.

Here's some other developer stats from selling their xbox games: Snake360 - 37,701 demo downloads. 1,456 bought. Conversion rate of 3.9%. This xbox game was for sale at 400 points. Solar, released last week, sold 1,500ish copies at 200 points and a 18% converting rate. I won't be updating this entry but feel free to comment with other posted results from selling xbox games.

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  1. luggage made a post on the indiegamer boards. we've found one of the 32k guys! how much he got from selling the word soup game is quoted;

    We've decided to release sales figures for Word Soup...

    Downloads: 46405
    Sales: 9153
    Conversaion Rate: 20%
    We get: ~$32,000

    So we're pretty happy, especially with that conversion rate. It took about a week and a half's work to convert the game and give it a shiny new coat of paint.