Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking of charging for your own games?

Think what you've got what it takes to sell your own games? This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your feet wet in the industry. Caspian Prince of Puppy Games is letting everyone affiliate sell his games for 100% commissions (he gets nothing) for the entire month of april. Or as he calls it, "free money!"

Offer is for selling these three games:

These are some award winning retro games by Puppy Games available through BMTMicro for Linux, Macintosh and Windows. I think one was even in GameTunnel's well-known game of the year lists, and Ultratron was ported to be a Xbox game for sale. You'd be nuts not to try this... it's almost as if you made them yourself, you keep every cent of the profits from selling.

Related link: 101 guide to sell casual games. Hell, every previous post on here is somewhat related. Do some reading and I'm sure you'll be able to make some extra money this month selling puppy games.

Two things you should know if you're into selling games:

The game links above (Droid Assault, Ultratron & Titan Attacks) are all "nofollow". That means the search engines won't give those linked websites any bonuses in the rankings. Why? Because I'm probably going to try affiliating these games... and I don't want to make any more competition for myself!

Blog readers are more than welcome to compete though, I'd love to hear how you folks are doing in the comments later! The Puppy Games link above is permanently followed, because this is a pretty cool offer for Cas to make. Thanks for the "free money" opportunity!

And the second? Think about out why Cas is doing this offer of his. I'm assuming it's in hopes of getting more affiliates who make him sales. Some of them might keep promoting his games once Puppy Games is back to the 30% affiliate rate.

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  1. where can i go to find out how make my own game?